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We offer standard and customizable solutions. We  will not presume to be able to predict your unique needs (though we might come pretty close in several instances;) we do offer some universally applicable basic solutions that we will then proceed to tailor those to your organizational needs.

Our goal is to provide a customized solution for each client - by working closely with them to understand their present and future business needs. We will then advocate long term, cost effective solutions.

For example for a company that just wants a simple web site: We will help with a basic informative website solution - with a certain level of features which will include basic e-mail capabilities.

These will be customized to reflect your organization's persona. This basic but essential solution will give your business a professional web presence and a means to effectively communicate with your current and potential customers: and provide them with a 24x7 method to reach you.

We have an solid team - with experience in several industries and have worked with a wide array of technologies and built small to large enterprise wide applications. With this combined experience behind us we can help you to swiftly find a suitable solution - no matter what your need is - for your Diverse Technologies we have Definite Solutions.

How we help

We will help you

  • Identify your organization's web presence requirements
  • Procure domains that you need
  • Analyze your current web site/s, if any:
  • Your graphical team to translate your existing company identity to your online presence.
  • Or Assist you to select a suitable online identity and designs that will complement your current or new company.
  • Facilitate the transfer of domains and web hosting
  • Identify suitable domain registrars 
  • with Web Hosting requirements
  • with Software application requirements
  • Set up e-mail accounts for your employees and departments
  • Integrate your different web sites and sub domains

Additionally we provide services that will help you run your business easily and free YOU up to generate more business:  

  • we can assist you with your online marketing and selling strategies
  • create web based store applications 
  • mailing list managers
  • means to easily control your web based applications
  • with intuitive and simple content management tools...
Create customized applications that may include
  • web based intranet and extranet applications
  • customer and contact management applications
  • forums and message boards
  • integrate any existing billing and order tracking systems
  • or build new applications that integrate together
  • provide executive level dashboards to keep your decision makers in touch with the pulse of the company's current performance.

We will train your employees in the easy and efficient management of your new websites so you will be in total control at all times. We will provide you with maintenance services if you should so choose - these would range from basic periodic updates to your content, and to complex maintenance requirements.